18 August 2012

God Give Us True Christ-centered Teachers' Colleges

The Puritans began arriving in the Massachusetts Bay Colony around 1630, and within six short years they had established the first college in America known as Harvard College. Its purpose was to train ministers and missionaries and other leaders who knew God and Jesus Christ His Son. This original mission statement reveals that they really understood what true Christian education was. Today, more than ever, America needs Christian schools, colleges, and universities built on the same foundation, which is Jesus Christ who is the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning. Tragically, Harvard College was taken over by liberal Unitarians in 1805.

More than any other type of college, the church in America today needs several excellent Christ-centered, Biblically-based, Principle Approach TEACHERS' COLLEGES to train up a new generation of Christian teachers who have a Christian philosophy of education, a sound Biblical worldview, Biblical methods of teaching and learning, and a solid Biblical worldview curriculum. We can no longer afford to have our Christian teachers trained by secular humanists and Marxists in the state universities, and we can no longer tolerate having our Christian teachers being trained in "Christian" colleges and universities that have been saturated with humanism and are nearly indistinguishable from the education departments of the state universities. Instead of being 90% alike in their educational philosophy and teaching methodology, true Christ-centered teachers' colleges will be and must be 100% different in all aspects. God Almighty, El-Shaddai, hear my cry and give us teachers' colleges worthy of Your name, worthy of Christian children, faithful to Your Word and to the Truth, uncompromising, bold, creative, and founded on the only foundation worthy of true Christian education - the LORD Jesus Christ.

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  1. We are indeed blessed to have these christian colleges and universities. Much more worth attending schools I think.

  2. We should encourage our children to enroll in a christian colleges and universities and always support them to bring out the best for their future.

  3. I certainly agreed that giving the best for our children is how we bringing them up to be a good person in the future and education is important needs for them and whatever field they are choosing we should always give our support. Greg Mclardie

  4. You make a great point. One of the things I love about Penny's school is that the entire school culture is supportive of differentiated learning, and the school has the resources to make it work. I worry very much for kids with special needs as well as typically-developing kids in schools where either the culture is not supportive or the funding is not available.


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