01 August 2012

Clash of the Worldviews: Noah Webster Vs. John Dewey

Could it be any clearer than this? Here we have two American educational "fathers" with diametrically opposing worldviews. Noah Webster represents the Biblical and Christian worldview, based on the truth and authority of God's holy Word, the Bible. On the other hand, John Dewey represents the anti-Christian atheistic humanist worldview, based on humanism, a rejection of God, and paganism.

From these two "fathers," America has developed two very different educational systems. Our original Christian colonial-era education is known as the Christian classical educational system or what is called "the Principle Approach" to education. This system was founded by the early Christian pioneers such as the Pilgrims and Puritans of Massachusetts. Noah Webster helped catapult it and advance it with his 1828 Dictionary and his many publications of Biblically-based curricula. This system continues today to some degree through Christian home schools, through Biblical worldview Christian schools, and most completely through Principle Approach® Christian worldview schools.

The other system is the public school system of state education. It is built on the foundation of John Dewey and his anti-Christian philosophy of humanism, atheism, naturalism, evolution, and moral relevance. It is this system which is destroying our children spiritually, morally, and intellectually. It is this "Dewey" system that is destroying our entire culture and it's spiritual and moral foundations. It is this system that Christian parents need to reject and separate from, and in its place, these parents can draw on America's Christian heritage and provide their children with a godly Christian education through home schooling or Christian worldview schools or Principle Approach schools.

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