15 August 2011

What is Multiculturalism and How Is It Affecting Our Kids and Our Nation?

What is "multiculturalism" exactly? We've all heard the term a million times, but how many of us really know what it means and what its implications are? How is it affecting our kids, American public education, the values of American youth, the church, and the destiny of our nation? These are the questions that Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld discusses in his book, Revolution Via Education, 2009.

Here's a note from the Preface:  "In these essays I have tried to show how our country has been in the throes of an ongoing socialist revolution since the turn of the last century. And it has been engineered by real people with real names who consider themselves to be Americans but who have been doing all in their power to change the form of government given us by our Founding Fathers. The two major underpinnings of a socialist, ungodly, controlled society are public education and the income tax. We shall not be a free people until we get rid of both institutions." In this book, Blumenfeld gets to the root of our crisis: our spiritual state and the need for an explicitly Christian form of education. It's a wake up call to the church to make certain and deliberate steps to raising up a generation of Kingdom-builders.

I'd like to share some of my favorite quotes that summarize Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld's insights into "multiculturalism" from his book, Revolution Via Education.

"Multiculturalism has nothing to do with the improvement of academic performance. It is simply part of the plan to use the public schools for political and psychological purposes rather than for academic ones."

"Multiculturalism is based on the notion that the traditional Christian model of American values based on Biblical teachings is no longer valid as the model to be held up to children in public schools....The public school as an Americanizing institution, providing a common body of values for all American children, no longer exists."

"American Christians, for the most part, have lost control over American cultural institutions. All of our public schools, all of our state universities and colleges, and most of our private universities and colleges are now totally and irrevocably in the hands of anti-Christian humanists. Their control of our educational institutions virtually guarantees their dominance over the culture, unless Christians can develop a strategy to regain control over the education of Christian children. It is the Christian patronage of the public school that is permitting the humanists to win the cultural war. The tide of that war could be turned tomorrow IF Christians would remove their children from the public schools and put them in private Christian schools or homeschools where they could be taught Biblical principles."

"Our public schools, in order to be accredited, are now required to teach that there are no moral absolutes, that every individual through a process of values clarification has the right to freely choose his morals, and that ethics are situational. The result has been moral anarchy, moral confusion, moral decline, moral disintegration, and moral civil war. No nation can tolerate the confusion of two conflicting moral codes in its courts."

"What all of this means in practical terms is that American public schools are no longer to be used to inculcate a common set of moral and spiritual values based on our Biblical heritage, but are to be used to promote a plethora of competing values systems, with Biblical Christian values cleverly excluded from competition because they violate the sacred separation of church and state. In other words, the public school is now a marketplace of competing pagan and anti-Christian belief systems. The students have a choice, but the market is rigged. That, in a nutshell, is how multiculturalism works to undermine our Judeo-Christian heritage."

"Multiculturalism is really nothing more than a new form of anti-Americanism. What kind of Americans will the public schools turn out? Americans ignorant of their nation's founding principles, incapable of defending their country against foreign ideologies, adrift in a sea of moral and cultural anarchy, at the mercy of fears, slogans, and terrorist blackmail. The simple truth is that the ultimate purpose of multiculturalism is to wean the American people away from patriotism. In fact, multiculturalism is an all-important steppingstone to globalism, that concept of a future world government, which the public schools are now promoting more aggressively than ever....The NEA recognized no American culture that the student may take pride in."

"The purpose of globalism is to prepare young Americans to accept as inevitable and desirable a world socialist government in which American national sovereignty will be voluntarily surrendered for the great good of 'world peace and brotherhood'. Social studies textbooks have been written to deliberately play down American patriotism and national pride known as 'ethnocentrism' in order to prepare young Americans for world citizenship.....Outcome Based Education is a further attempt to move the American public school in the direction of multicultural world government."

"Multiculturalism is really nothing more than a transition stage in the changeover from one dominant culture to another. America is moving from a dominant Christian culture to a dominant humanist-pagan culture. The transition is usually marked by increasing conflict between the advocates of the two opposing worldviews."

"It is the duty and responsibility of Christian leaders to stop the wholesale paganization of Christian youth. We should take our lessons from the Catholics of the 1850s who realized that they had no choice but to abandon the public schools for educational institutions of their own if they were to preserve Catholic culture for the next one hundred years. Their success indicated that it can be done IF a resolute community is mobilized by a resolute leadership. The fact that thousands of Christian parents are already involved in homeschooling indicates that they are not waiting for this resolute leadership to arise."

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