13 April 2011

What Do I Stand For? Here I Stand - I Can Do No Other God Help Me

Too often I find myself projecting a negative message because of taking a stand against unrighteousness, foolishness, social evils, immorality, godlessness, etc. I'd like to counter this by declaring a very positive message of what I am "for" and what I'm willing to take a stand "for."

In today's world, I believe it is of utmost importance for Christians, for the true disciples and followers of Jesus, to take a stand for righteousness, to take a stand for godliness, to take a stand for truth and holiness. Yes, we will be attacked and persecuted for taking a stand for righteousness, but that has always been true, all the way back to the days of Abel, Enoch, and Noah. God encourages us that all who desire to live godly lives in this world will be persecuted. Jesus said that we are blessed when we are persecuted for the sake of righteousness. We must all take a stand for truth and righteousness, regardless of the cost.

On the other hand, there are millions of Christians (even pastors) who take no stand at all on many issues related to righteousness. The reason for this is either they are fearful of the backlash and persecution they will suffer for standing up and speaking the truth in love, or they are self-deceived and have already compromised with the world and they really do not stand for righteousness in their hearts or lives.

Let me also warn you that there are certain hot topics which will quickly bring on a fiery attack and persecution if you dare to speak out against them or for the righteousness that they seek to overthrow. These moral "hot buttons" include: 

standing for the sanctity of marriage and against homosexuality, standing for and educating your children God's way versus the godless system of humanistic indoctrination and the all-powerful socialist teachers unions that have destroyed , standing for moral absolutes such as are revealed in the Ten Commandments versus the moral relativism of today, standing for the right to life for the unborn versus the murder of the unborn known as abortion, standing for sexual purity in a world obsessed with sexual immorality, standing for the freedom of religious expression and exercise in the public sector, standing for Constitutionally limited government versus a government out of control spending us into terrible debt and encroaching on every aspect of our lives and on the sovereignty of each state to govern its own affairs without interference from the feds, taking a stand for personal property that is not subject to being taxed by the government and for personal income that is not subject to being forcibly redistributed to those who refuse to work & live off of socialist entitlements, standing for the preservation, protection, and priority of our providential history and purpose that is based on our Judeo-Christian values, worldview, principles, and beliefs versus being overrun by Muslim fundamentalism and Sharia law, etc.

Therefore, I declare here and now, publically, what I stand for:

I am for God, for His glory, for His Kingdom, for His Son, and for His righteousness.
I am for God’s Law, higher law, natural law, the rule of law.
I am for the Ten Commandments and the commandments of Jesus Christ.
I am for the Bible and Judeo-Christian beliefs, values, and kingdom principles.
I am for personal responsibility and accountability to God.

I am for homeschooling and Biblical Christ-centered education and discipleship.
I am for the separation of school and state (for government to get out of education).
I am for parents taking responsibility to educate their children God’s way for Him.
I am for parental freedom to educate our children as we choose.

I am for self-government and moral virtue in private and in public.
I am for the sanctity of marriage as God designed it between a man and a woman.
I am for the sanctity of life, including the right to life for the unborn and for the elderly.
I am for honoring our fathers and mothers and I am for honoring the elderly.

I am for constitutionally limited small government as set up by the Founding Fathers.
I am for freedom and the protecting of our God-given rights and liberties.
I am for self-reliance, independence, initiative, industry, and free enterprise.
I am for the right for citizens to keep and bear arms according to the 2nd amendment.
I am for the right to life, liberty, and personal property.
I am for voluntary charity (not socialist redistribution of wealth & state welfare).

I am for a republican form of true representative government (not a democracy).
I am for re-affirming and re-establishing America’s godly Christian heritage.
I am for the free exercise of religion in private and public sectors.
I am for accountability in all levels of government; accountability to the people.
I am for eliminating all income taxes on citizens and for eliminating property taxes.
I am for requiring all government to balance the budget, avoid debt, & limit spending.

A word of warning: of all the hot button issues I've mentioned above, the three that will react with the most hostility and viciously attack you with everything in their arsenal (media, politicians, unions, ACLU lawsuits, political laws, slander) are these:

1. The Gay & Lesbian Homosexual Agenda
2. Islam, Sharia Law, Muslim Fundamentalism, and Islamic Terrorism
3. The Public School system in America & the Socialist Teachers Unions that Control It

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  1. I believe you are right about having to take a stand. I also think that the time is close at hand when we will be forced to make a choice for or against what God and His will. There will no longer be a middle ground and people will find whether they had true belief or a preference.

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