26 March 2011

Public School's Goal of Turning Christian Kids Against their Parents

Please take a few minutes and read this very discerning and insightful article by Jeff Shafer, ADF Senior Legal Counsel.

Click Here to read this insightful article: We Hate You! Now give us (public schools) your kids so that we can turn them against you

This is further confirmation that one of the most important objectives of is to UNDERMINE PARENTS AND USURP THEIR AUTHORITY in the lives of their children. The socialist "progressives" in control of government schools want to take the place of parents and indoctrinate what they consider "the state's children" in their socialist, statist, humanist ideology - which is really the state cramming their state religion down the throats of your children.

Listen up: When you send your off to be indoctrinated by the government and institutionalized by atheists and humanists,

you are giving them power, authority, complete influence, and permission to turn your own kids against you and against everything you believe and stand for, including, and especially, your Christian beliefs and Judeo-Christian values and morals.

Did you know that when you drop off your innocent children on the doorstep of your local public school, you actually are abandoning your parental authority over your children and you are giving that authority for the rest of the day to the government employees who will indoctrinate your kids? You can no longer object to what the state is teaching your kids during the day. You can no longer say, "I don't want my kid sitting in that assembly where they will be teaching homosexuality is normal."

This issue has been settled already in the courts and the verdict is in: when you leave your child at the government school, you have abandoned all of your parental rights over that child for the day and given that authority to the state to do whatever it thinks is in the best interest of that child (i.e. turn them into good little dumbed down socialist citizens who think like the world and agree with the government and make no waves).

Why in the world would you do such a foolish and destructive thing to your children?

If you do this, why are you surprised when your kids eventually lose all respect for you, challenge your authority and influence in their lives, and walk away from the Christian faith and God and church and the Bible?

Your action of institutionalizing your children in these centers called "public schools" is what caused them to eventually lose their faith, their character, their morals, their belief in God and moral absolutes, and to totally conform them to the world, rather than conforming them to Christ.

Do you really expect to hear the Lord say on the Judgment Day:

"Well done, good and faithful servant and parent?"

No! The truth will be exposed on that day, and your actions of condemning your children to a humanist and atheist based indoctrination camp will testify against you and you will be held accountable to God for what you did.

However, please know that it is never too late to truly repent to God and to your kids for what you have done, turn from your sin, remove them from this ungodly system, and start educating them according to God's way, according to the Bible, according to Christ as He mandates for all to do. Repent now and turn away from public schools and DO THE RIGHT THING with your kids and for your kids. Your kids belong to God, and He will hold you accountable for how you raised them and how you educated them...

Here's the very best way that you can educate your children God's way:

HOME SCHOOLING, also known as Home Education or Home Learning.

Watch this short video on :

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